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1. Make a quick, simple change to your routine, such as kickboxing instead of step aerobics, free...
1. Energise yourself by engaging in some physical activity for a minimum of 30 minutes most days...
The most important risk factors for the development of breast cancer are gender, age and genetics.
The feet must be kept dry and good foot hygiene must be maintained to prevent fungal infection.
Food should be kept covered while stored to avoid flies and insects from sitting on it.
Change underwear at least once a day, more often if you work out or sweat heavily to prevent jock...
Exceedingly bad breath, or halitosis, usually accompanies a tonsil infection.
To prevent congenital syphilis, practice safe sex, including the use of condom.
Stop smoking and avoid caffeine (coffee, tea, colas) and alcohol to help treat peptic ulcer.
Most underweight people report of lack of energy with a feeling of being tired and drained.

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