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Promote drainage by drinking plenty of water and hydrating fluids such as hot tea or soup.
Certain diseases affect the salivary glands and can cause a dry mouth like diabetes, HIV/AIDS,...
Immerse the affected area in cold or running water until the pain subsides.
If eyes become red or irritated, remove the lenses immediately and consult your doctor.
High fibre foods like whole grain cereals, whole dals, green leafy vegetables and fruits should be...
It can be helpful to give the child something hard to chew on.
Drink lots of fluids during the flight. But, avoid coffee, alcohol or fizzy drinks.
It is preferable to put safety circuits, which will automatically cut off the current in case any...
One teaspoon of ordinary table sugar, swallowed dry, may cure hiccups immediately.
Limit exposure to the sun and avoid strenuous activity in hot or humid weather.

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