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5 foods to keep your digestive system healthy

While you were sleeping through the science classes in school which taught you the importance of the precious fibres in your diet to keep your digestive system in the pink, you did miss out on some of the bare facts that would have made you feel a whole deal better or at least your digestive system a lot more invigorated. 


Here are 5 essential foods for all those who junked their science textbooks or turned a blind eye to all the vital foods coming your way


1.  Avocado- A regular sized avocado is said to contain 15 grams of fibre and is one of the most fibre-rich fruit that we know of. This bottle green fruit is rich in healthy raw fat which supports heavily in the digestion process. If compared to other fruits or vegetables it supersedes in goodness from all its other kinds. It is imperative to add this fruit into your diet for an agile digestive system


2. Spinach- Most commonly available and is known to have excellent effects on the digestive system, which is why it is known as a master food. A lot of leafy green vegetables of the same family are considered good but spinach rules the roost as it is believed that half a cup of spinach has 3.5 grams of fibre, hence making it a great food option.


3. Oats- They are great too for digestion as they are very rich in soluble fibres. Oats are rich in Vitamin E, thiamine and zinc and whole oats are the best of the lot. Choosing the right oats is also fairly important. Always pick rolled oats over quick oats as the former contain more nutrient value.


4. Ginger-Ginger is blessed with all kinds of medicinal values. The most common ingredient in all Indian diets is also packed with great health benefits. Ginger helps in digestion process by stepping up the movement of the food from your stomach into your intestines. You can have raw ginger, in your cup of tea or just add it to your diet. 


5. Water- The drop of life or the heavenly drink’s goodness can’t be denied. This innocuous, colourless and tasteless liquid has a pivotal role in improving the digestive system of our body. Drinking more and more water makes the navigation of food through the system a lot easier. Also, certain foods contain vitamins and minerals that are soluble only in water. Therefore the role of water in digestion is totally indisputable.