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Properties of the golden liquid

It is time that the table sugars are replaced by the golden liquid better known as honey. It is a natural sugar made by honeybees using nectar from flowers. The goodness of honey has been known and used in food and as medicine since time immemorial, around 4000 years. Honey is laden with potent antioxidants, with antiseptic and antibacterial perquisites. Especially in the Indian context, where it is used for its medicinal properties in alternate medicine. 


Honey’s invaluable benefits


1. Honey and Immunity 


Research and studies have shown that honey is a first-rate remedy for improving immunity against allergies and asthma. Honey contains floral flavonoids. Honey has also shown anti-cancer and anti-tumor properties preventing the risks of cancer in humans. Research has shown positive result of local honey and its allergy curing properties. The results say that honey acts as a vaccine for those who are allergic to pollen grains. Honey contains the same kind of pollen grains that cause this allergy. By consuming honey, we make the body accustomed to these pollen grains decrease the chance of the immune response to them like release of histamines. Local honey is said to be the best kind against allergies.


2.  Honey and Stamina


Honey and stamina go hand in hand. It helps build stamina in athletes. The carbohydrates and minerals that athletes eject out during a heavy duty workout is replenished when they take honey drinks post their athletic events. While we are going through workouts, our body sweats and we lose minerals. Honey contains a good amount of all the important minerals and replaces them in the body. It is like an energy drink for the sportsmen and athletes and helps them in muscle building.


3. Honey and Weight Loss


Honey is a natural sweetener that contains 22 amino acids including a variety of minerals, which are important for metabolism and therefore helpful in preventing obesity. Lemon juice with a little honey early morning is believed to be the effective anti-cellulite treatment. This is an effective remedy to speed up shedding pounds from your body. Again, honey and cinnamon is another powerful remedy for effective weight loss. For people who love binge eating, honey can be taken as an effective remedy for digestion later on.


4.  Honey and Cosmetics


Honey is widely used in many types of cosmetics like lip balm, face creams and shower gels. The reason behind this is because honey does not spoil due to its high sugar content. It has 50% more density than water. The osmotic property of honey attributes to its anti-bacterial property. Honey is a thick liquid that acts as a perfect skin and hair conditioner. It brings smoothness to the skin and hair. Hence, is used in cosmetics and shampoos. 


5.  Honey and Antiseptic Properties


Generally in hospitals, doctors prefer hydrogen peroxide to clean wounds so they heal quickly. The same chemical is present in honey in very good amounts. It is released by diluting honey in water or body fluids. When it is applied on the open wounds, especially burn wounds, the glucose present in honey dilutes gradually releasing Hydrogen peroxide. And due to its viscous constituency, honey prevents wounds from sticking to the dressing and there are little or no scars after healing.