Healthy New Year’s resolutions for children

The New Year has always been a time for reflection at the past year, and more importantly, looking forward to the coming year. It's time to reflect on the changes one wants and how to achieve them. Resolutions are a reflection of the belief that what a person does on the first day of the New Year will have an effect throughout the entire year. So, here is a list of healthy New Year’s resolutions for children in different age groups.

For Preschoolers

  • I will brush my teeth twice a day
  • I will wash my hands after going to the bathroom and before eating
  • I won't tease animals, and I will avoid being bitten by keeping my fingers and face away from their mouths
  • I will share my toys and food with my friends
For School age children
  • I will drink milk and lots of it, and limit colas and fruit drinks
  • I will try to find a sport (like basketball or football) or an activity (like jumping rope, dancing, or riding my bike) that I like and do it at least three times a week
  • I will always wear protective gear, especially when cycling
  • I will wear my seat belt every time I get in a car
  • I'll be nice to other kids. It's easier and more fun than being mean, and I'll feel better about myself
  • I'll never give out personal information such as my name, home address, school name, or telephone number to strangers and on the internet. Also, I'll never send a picture of myself to someone I chat with on the computer without my parent's permission
  • If I come across an unidentified object, I will not touch it and get help from a parent or trusted adult
For Teenagers
  • I will take care of my body through sports, fitness and nutrition.
  • I will choose non-violent television shows and video games, and I will only spend one to two hours each day – at the most - on these activities
  • I will check to see if I can give away any of my unwanted clothes and shoes to those in need
  • I will eat at least one fruit and one vegetable every day, and I will limit the amount of soda I drink
  • I will wipe negative ‘self talk’ (i.e. "I can't do it" or "I'm so dumb") out of my vocabulary
  • Whenever I am feeling angry or stressed out, I will take a break and look for constructive ways to feel better, such as exercising, reading, writing in a journal, or talking out my problem with a parent or friend
  • When faced with a difficult decision I will talk to an adult about the options I may have
  • I will resist peer pressure to try drugs and alcohol
  • I will keep my room clean