a collection of pus, usually associated with redness, swelling and pain.

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    a gland present near the kidney that produces hormones like adrenalin and cortico-steroids

    alternative choices available at each stage of deciding how to manage a clinical problem.

    inflammation of the cornea.

    a cord or a strand of strong tissue attaching a muscle to a bone.

    the principle protein  in milk and the cheif constituent of cheese

    a ring of muscle surrounding and serving to guard or close an opening or tube, especially the anus.

    a knife used for cutting the cornea.

    movement of cells or organisms in response to chemicals.

    emergency medical facilities that include airway management and the use of medicines.

    conducting fluid or nerve impulse outward from a organ

    a small cavity or space at the entrance of a canal.

    the part of the mind that acts as a conscience and responds to social rules.

    a substance that is capable of producing an effect.

    the relation and application of medical facts to legal matters.

    a leukocyte of blood, bone marrow, and lymphatic tissue that play a role in both cellular and humoral immunity