a disorder characterised by an absence of low-density beta-lipoprotein, presence of acanthocytes in blood, degeneration of retinal pigments, malabsorption, and neuromuscular abnormalities

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    a condition characterised by painful bowel movements, related to inflammation of the intestinal tract associated with diarrhoea,abdominal cramping and passing of mucous or blood with the stool.

    a mental disease marked by a breakdown in the relation between thoughts, feelings and actions, frequently accompanied by delusions and retreat from social life.

    the naval.

    removal from one place to another.

    a term used to describe a stalk-like structure.

    the tube-like portion of the digestive canal between the mouth and the stomach, food pipe

    making or arranging spaces.

    irregular and involuntary movement of the limbs or facial muscles

    increased  blood flow to a part or organ

    the process of wearing away as in the formation of a superficial ulcer.

    a rapid heart rate due to acceleration of the sinus rate.

    excretion of myoglobin (an oxygen -carrying protein containing iron and found in muscle cells) in the urine.

    an instrument for determining pressure or tension.

    one of two children born at one birth.

    any disease of wide prevalence or of excessive mortality.