an ancient system of therapy where long thin needles are inserted at pressure points in the body to cure a disease.

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    any method in which the specimen is removed by scratching it by an appropriate needle that pierces the skin, or the external surface of the organ, and into the underlying tissue to be examined.

    the state of having a fixed relation to a single cause or to a definite result.

    a sudden episode of an illness.

    a discolouration.

    the creation of an opening in the intestine by an operation to permit the expulsion of the intestinal contents.

    graph of the series of concentrations of a dye used for diagnosing heart problems.

    a controlled experiment with a defined set of people, to evaluate the efficacy or safety of a drug, vaccine, surgical procedure or other form of medical intervention.

    straightening or lengthening of a limb.

    a product of protein metabolism found in the muscles of man.

    a hormone that increases the deposition of calcium and phosphate in bones and lowers the levels of calcium in the blood.

    a cell possessing the property of ingesting bacteria, foreign particles and other cells.

    one of the paired organs that excrete urine.

    a sac like structure containing fluid, e.g. urine in urinary bladder, bile in gall bladder.

    bent or twisted inward towards the midline of the body.

    the tip or end of a sharp process.