removal of the superficial layers of skin or mucous membrane, usually seen as a skin wound

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    lying between or connecting bones.

    an action that produces an effect that is intended to alter the course of a pathologic process.

    promoting the excretion of urine.

    x-ray study of the fallopian tubes after injection of radiopaque contrast medium.

    morbid fear of electricity

    a network or interjoining of nerves and blood vessels.

    acquisation of feminine characteristics

    a contractual arrangement whereby a third party payer ( e.g. an insurance company, government agency, or corporation ) mediates between physicians and patients, negotiating fees for service and overseeing the types of treatment given.

    an inflammation of the coverings of the brain.

    abnormal metabolism, excretion or other disposition of a given substance

    any disease marked by inflammation and pain in the joints, muscles or fibrous tissues, esp. rheumatoid arthritis.

    a syndrome of distorted space, time and body image. The patient with this syndrome has a feeling that their entire body, or parts of it have been altered in shape and size. The syndrome is usually associated with visual hallucinations. The disorder has been closely linked to migraine headaches

    a cramping pain especially in the leg.

    having a tendency to perform certain repetitive acts or ritualistic behaviour to relieve anxiety.

    a device that displays and/or records specified data for a given series of events, operations or circumstances.