the incorporation or soaking in of substances (solids, liquids, gases, light or heat) by a system

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    an instrument that gives an enlarged image of an object or substance that is minute or not visible with the naked eye.

    a mental disorder characterised by problems in social interaction,  language and emotional expression. Autism is characterised by extreme adherance to an inflexible routine with stereotypical and repetitive


    the forcible striking of one solid body against the other.

    a pain killer used for treatment of mild to moderate pain as in osteoarthritis.

    the pattern of behaviour a person exhibits in relationship to significant persons to his or her life.

    a tasteless, colourless and odourless gas that forms four-fifths of the atmosphere and is an essential constituent of proteins.

    a precursor, ancestor.

    the removal of waste products

    a disease involving destruction of the skeletal muscles.

    discolouration of any part by disposition of a pigment containing iron.

    an agent that promotes digestion- breaking up of complex molecules into simple ones for suitable absorption from the intestine.

    capable of being used in combination

    a scraping, usually of the interior of a cavity or tract, for the removal of abnormal growth of tissue, or to obtain material for diagnosis.

    a turning or changing to opposite direction of a disease, process or symptom.

    an infectious viral disease that affects the central nervous system and that can cause temporary or permanent paralysis