to refrain from the use of certain components of diet, alcohol, drugs or from sexual intercourse

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    a degenerative brain desease resulting in slow mental deterioration resulting in loss of memory ,motor disturbance and confusion.The condition may ultimately lead to paralysis of limbs and epilepsy.

    a severe mental derangement resulting in delusions  and loss of contact with external reality.

    mucous and other fluids expelled by coughing.

    an agent that causes vomiting.

    a chemical that gives a bitter or sour taste (due to the presence of free hydrogen)

    a road or way.

    to remove, or to destroy the function of

    a small elevation of the skin containing fluid.

    an inflammation of the brain usually caused by a virus and associated with headache and drowsiness leading to coma.

    redness of the face due to exposure to wind.

    a group of cells that release a hormone into the circulating blood in response to a neural stimulus.

    pertaining to reasoning or higher thought processes; based on objective or scientific knowledge.

    an operation for the correction of a defect in the eyelids.

    high blood pressure.

    the eating of dry foodstuffs.