1. misuse or excessive use of anything. 2. harmful or offensive treatment (physical or sexual) of an individual, eg. child abuse.

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    a collection of pus in the pancreas usually related to its inflammation.

    a scratch mark on the skin usually covered with blood .

    an anaemic condition usually occuring later in life due to decreased absorption of Vitamin B12 by the body. It is characterized by erosion of the stomach lining, weakness, faintness, diarrhoea and lack of appetite

    erythema or eczema that affects apposed skin surfaces

    hardening of a long bone from the centre.

    a medicine prescribed for psychological reasons but having no physiological effect.

    a structural change in the chromosome caused by a loss of DNA and other protein.

    a dead body

    a triple combination of live measles, mumps and rubella viruses in a suspension, used for immunization against the respective diseases.

    any disease or lesion caused by the action of a toxin.

    the quality or degree of being sensitive.

    1. the female organ of milk secretion. 2.the pectoral surface of the thorax.

    swelling of the eyelids.

    the diffusion of a substance through a membrane in an electric field

    a bulging forward of the cornea.