the psychological state in which a person adjusts his existing knowledge with every fresh experience.

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    surgical reconstruction of glans penis

    Preventive treatment against disease

    a form of learning disability in which a person is unable to write properly without any physical abnormality in the hand.

    a ring of muscular fibres surrounding the anus.

    loss of memory particularly long term memory; an inability to recall past information.

    inflammation of the milk ducts.

    a localized malformation of the skin or mucous membranes, present from birth and involving an excess or deficiency of any of the normal structures of the skin.

    a cup-shaped bone in the hip region where the thigh bone joins the hip bone.

    instrument in the form of a loop, or scoop, with sharpened edges attatched to a rod shaped handle.

    a slight increase in urinary albumin excretion.

    denoting nerve fibres lacking a myelin sheath.

    a receptor in the central nervous system that responds to changes in the fluid ionic concentration of the blood.

    inflammation of a vein.

    certain bacteria that do not get decolourized by alcohol after having been stained with a dye like the tuberculosis bacteria

    an abnormal or surgically made passage between two hollow organs.