certain bacteria that do not get decolourized by alcohol after having been stained with a dye like the tuberculosis bacteria

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    a bacterial protein that causes increased secretion of fluids in the gastrointestinal tract.

    hiding or covering, such as the use of noise of any kind to interfere with the audibility of another sound

    a system of clinical evaluation of cancerous tumours based on the extent of the disease.

    inflammation of the lining of the stomach.

    an abnormal pattern of breathing with gradual increase in depth and sometimes in rate to a maximum,  followed by a decrease and even complete cessation.

    loss of tone in the stomach muscles.

    enlargement of the spleen.

    growth of blood vessels in tissues not containing them.

    pain in the ankle.

    a swelling or tumour of the blood vessels due to unnatural multiplication of cells.

    inflammation of the glans penis and prepuce

    exceeding the normal number.

    surgical procedure for widening a segment of intestine that involves incision and closing in opposite directions.

    taking a picture of the movements of organs or other structures by x-ray examination.

    the primary or beginning portion of any part, as of a nerve at its origin from the brain stem or the spinal cord.