Do I need surgical removal of my breast lump?

I am a 19 years old girl having a lump in my right breast. I was diagnosed with it six months back . The FNAC report stated that smears are cellular comprising of sheets of epithelial cells of apocrine type showing bimodal pattern. Single bare nuclei also present. Background is haemorrhagic. Impression: features correspond to benign epithelial proliferation. The doctor has asked me to undergo a surgery for removing the lump. Is surgery the only option?


Since the patient is only 19 years of age and the breast lump on FNAC
has shown benign epithelial proliferation, in all probability it is a
fibrocystic disease (fibroadenoma). Surgery for such conditions is
only suggested if

  • It is big
  • It is causing immense pain
  • It is causing substantial symptoms.
  • It is causing severe disfigurement.
  • the FNAC shows atypical epithelial proliferation &
  • there is a family history of breast cancer

Otherwise it is harmless and can be left as such without any problems.