What are the precautions to be taken after mitral stenosis surgery?

I am a 52 years old male. I underwent a surgery for mitral stenosis 26 years back. I had taken Lasix and injection Penidure for three years after the operation. What precautions should I take? Do I need to take any medicines?


It all depends on how your mitral valve is behaving. If there is no restenosis or reblockage and if there are no signs of any irregular rhythms of the heart or heart failure or increased pressure of the lungs, then you may not be required to take any medication or at least, no new medication should be started and whatever you are taking may be continued. However, it is desirable that you consult your treating cardiologist in this regard, as only after a good and thorough evaluation of the mitral valve by 2D Echocardiography can this decision be taken. In generic terms, it is good to restrict your salt and fluid intake and exercise at moderate levels regularly.