Why am I suffering from swelling in legs and joint pain after dengue?

I am a 39 years old male diagnosed with dengue fever a month back and my platelet count was 1,86,000. I underwent abdominal scan which showed that liver and spleen were mildly enlarged. After that I experienced swelling in my legs and joint pain. I am a regular alcohol drinker taking three pegs daily. Why am I suffering from swelling in legs and joint pain?


Generally, swelling in joints in dengue subsides in 2-4 weeks of illness. Dengue also causes some derangement in liver enzymes, low protein levels and capillaries become leaky causing swelling over body, fluid collection around lungs and in abdomen. All these recover naturally. In your case, your liver function maybe weak due to an alcohol problem and symptoms are taking longer to resolve. Check liver function tests (LFT) and uric acid, restrict alcohol and increase protein intake in diet. Elevate your legs while sleeping by using a pillow. Take paracetamol for pain.