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    Dr Geeta Chadha graduated and post graduated from All India Institute of Medical sciences. She did Senior Residency from Maulana Azad Medical College and associated LNJP Hospital in Delhi. She is presently practicing at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi, as a Senior Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. She is a recipient of Bharat Nirman Award, in the category of 'Young Women Achievers' and is routinely handling cases of infertility, high risk obsterics, recurrent pregnancy losses, PCOD, hirsutism, gynae diseases like ovarian tumours, uterine tumours, endometriosis, etc.


    Her special interests include:

    Operative hysteroscopy and treatment of excessive uterine bleeding through hysteroscopic prcedures ,i.e. natural orifice and minimally invasive method.

    Operative laparoscopic procedures for ovarian masses , tubal problem and painful periods.

    Robotic surgery for myomectomy and hysterectomy ,if required.


Questions Answered by me

It is important to ensure that HCG levels come down to Zero. It is recommended that close follow up be done for a year after that in cases where...

Answered on : 14 Jun 2011

Post menopausal bleeding should be taken seriously. Please visit a gynaecologist for local examination and then a pelvic ultrasound; based on...

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Embryo is the word used for very early conception. I presume you mean fetus. Yes, if all other factors and blood pressure are well under control,...

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This may give you pain in case of active phase of disease. However, if you are under treatment, then penetration with condom is fine provided you...

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At 10 weeks, the fetus and its cardiac pulsations should be seen clearly, as far as corpus luteum cyst is concerned, invariably it shrinks when...

Answered on : 28 Jan 2009

Certain uterine anomalies like sub septate uterus are known to have higher incidence of mal-presentations.

Answered on : 26 Dec 2008

Though every uterine scar weakens the area, but after careful evaluation, if all is well and there is a burning desire to go for a third pregnancy...

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Travel of this degree is OK provided her body is doing fine with it.
Yes, she can certainly have a vaginal delivery unless there is an...

Answered on : 27 Sep 2008

It is just about OK. So, if all other factors are conducive, you could give it an ovulatory trigger.

Answered on : 27 Sep 2008

Some people do get their menopause quite late. If all is well with the ultrasound and clinical examinations, there is nothing to worry. Also, you...

Answered on : 03 Sep 2008
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